Ready-to-eat meals

Our ready-to-eat meals are prepared with top quality fresh ingredients, with an emphasis on organic products and locally sourced vegetables, fruits and meats.

We bake our pies and cakes every morning for ultimate freshness.

Le Rouge Tomate | Produits Maisons

No desire cook? We offer complete meals, from starter to dessert.

  • Pizzas
  • Pasta
  • Lasagna
  • Veggie bowl
  • Meat dishes
  • Olives
  • Daily and weekly “chef’s inspirations”
Le Rouge Tomate | Produits Maisons
Le Rouge Tomate | Prêt-à-manger

Stop by our store and pick up our ready-to-eat meals for the weekend to your chalet.

Le Rouge Tomate | Produits Maisons

Simply ask and you shall receive!

Delicious homemade meals, decadent desserts, divine pizzas, antipasti platters...
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Ready-to-eat dishes available for order online


Yellow beet
Chinese cabbage
Cauliflower couscous
Mixed beans


Margarita (tomato and mozzarella)
Greek (feta and olives)
Roasted vegetables and goat milk cheese
Spinach, sun-dried tomato and  boconccini
Pepperoni and cheese
Sausage, roquette, mushroom and sweet pepper

Lasagnas and Manicotti

Classic meat Lasagna
Lasagna with spinach and cottage cheese
Manicotti with meat (package of 4)
Manicotti stuffed with spinach and ricotta (package of 4)


Meatballs (veal and pork)
Meatballs (organic chicken from local farm Rose des Vents)
Pasta shells stuffed with spinach and ricotta
Fondue parmesan
Mini skewers of tomato and boconccini
Cantaloup and prosciutto
Mixed Cheese Platter of organic Quebec-made cheeses
Antipasti platter

Home-cooked, prepared Meals

Chicken with honey and lemon
Chicken Marbella (prunes, capers and olives)
Chicken balsamique
Curried chicken
Chicken à la grecque
Coq au vin
Pennine with Italian sausage and pesto
Pennine with Italian sausage and  roquette
Linguini with spinach, chicken and  sun-dried tomato
Rigatoni with tomato basil sauce, mini meatballs 
Veal cutlet and balsamique
Veal Parmesan
Veal cutlet with mushrooms
Osso buco
Boeuf bourguignon
Couscous with chicken merguez sausage
Shepherd’s Pie “revisited”  (pulled pork, sweet potato mash}

Chicken pot pie from La Rose des Vents

Vegetarian meals

General Tao with Tofu
Protein Bowl (tofu, sweet potato, quinoa, chick peas….)
vegetarian chile
Curried tofu with coconut milk

Tofu “sous-vide”

Tofu for Potein Bowl
Thai-styled tofu with peanuts
Curried tofu with coconut milk