Home-Made Products

Fresh pasta and sauces, thin-crust pizzas, soups and veggie bowls, Veal Parmesan, Greek style Chicken and other tasty dishes are made with premium quality fresh ingredients and cooked with care on the spot. Our homemade meals will delight the taste buds. Savor them once and you’ll be conquered!

Le Rouge Tomate | Produits Maisons
Le Rouge Tomate | Produits Maisons | Soupe Bettrave et courge
Le Rouge Tomate | Produits Maisons | Tartes

Le Rouge Tomate Classics

  • Fresh Pasta  (linguini, spaghetti, fettuccine, fusilli)
  • Pasta Sauces  (Rosé, Veal-based meat sauce, tomato and basil, roasted vegetables, Arrabiata, Cream, Papalina)
  • Pesto (classic basil, Sun-dried tomato, Spinach and roquette)
  • Antipasti which includes our exceptional olive selection featuring Heritage Kalamata olives
  • Arancini
  • Soups and Potages
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Gourmet pies, cakes and other decadent desserts

Plateaus of prepared foods

By request, the Rouge Tomate offers sumptuous platters of prepared meals which will impress your guests. The perfect choice for an intimate evening, family meal or larger event.

Le Rouge Tomate | Bar à olives | Héritage Kalamata

Simply ask and you shall receive!

Delicious homemade meals, decadent desserts, divine pizzas, antipasti platters...
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Home-made products available online

Pasta sauces

Tomato and basil
Roasted vegetables
Veal-based meat sauce


Classic basil
Spinach and roquette
Sun-dried tomato

Heritage Kalamata olive bar

Sun-dried tomato
Blue cheese
Goat cheese and garlic
Roasted almond
Feta cheese
Cashew and curry
Mixed Greek
Bomba (hot pepper and artichoke puree)

Soups and Potages

Turnip, pear, carrot and coconut milk
Butternut squash, curry and ginger
Beet, pear and ginger

Vegetarian Minestrone
Minestrone with Italian sausage meatballs


Lemon and coconut pie
Pecan, chocolate and maple syrup
Apple cheesecake
White chocolate and raspberry pie
Pear frangipane tart
Reine Élizabeth cake
Chocolate and Quinoa cake (gluten free with raspberry coulis) 
Pear and chocolate cake
Raspberry and coconut cake
Maple “Pouding chômeur’
Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti (package of 4)