Gourmet Groceries

Discover a wide variety of exclusive gourmet products from superior brands that will satisfy the most discerning palate. Visit our boutique to get our fresh pasta and homemade sauces and our ready-to-eat meals at our gourmet counter and get advice from our team of epicureans!

Le Rouge Tomate | Pâte et dessert

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Our gourmet grocery products

  • Large selection of exclusive dried pastas

  • Olive oils and specialty vinegars

  • Canned tomatoes, artichokes and sundried-tomatoes

  • Croutons

  • Imported drinks and sodas

  • … and many more products for you to discover!

Le Rouge Tomate | Vinaigres balsamique

Treat yourself or offer a delicious gift to a foodie friend. Le Rouge Tomate makes it easy.

Le Rouge Tomate | Épicerie fine et comptoir gourmand

Simply ask and you shall receive!

Delicious homemade meals, decadent desserts, divine pizzas, antipasti platters...
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